“Maia, there is incredible magic coming out of you and you are bringing people to a whole new dynamic – you’re a bridge between the old and the new. 
You can have an immense impact on others in a very profound way and be an extraordinary transformer of humanity with your words and your songs.”  Michelle Karén – Quantum Astrologer (USA)
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Maia grew up leading a conventional yet somewhat non-conformist lifestyle for the first 30 years of her life.

Over the many years since, she has chosen the road less travelled. Her life experiences have been extraordinary and as a result she embraces a holistic and expanded view of existence. It has shaped her world and work in a truly wonderful way. It has created the possibility for her to inspire others and touch many lives.

Maia has a diverse background, spanning professional roles in public, private and charity sectors, encompassing media and media liaison, public education, photography, photojournalism, sales, training, project/event management and for a decade running her own successful public relations consultancy.

She also co-founded and co-managed a thriving equestrian centre and was a nationally accredited professional coach and judge. She is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a published author (non-fiction) and has to her credit extensive voluntary service.

Maia is an intuitive musician (vocalist and instrumentalist) and composer. With an informal background in music, her life took an unexpected 180 degree turn into full-time music in 2008 when she acquired a PANArt ‘hang’ – a unique sound sculpture – and spent four years as part of the music duo ‘Samjjana.’

Her journey into therapeutic sound evolved more deeply through an ever-expanding exploration of music, the alchemy of sound and people’s response to it. This included life-changing trips joining hundreds of people from all over the world to participate in choirs in Maui, Hawaii (2012), Mt. Shasta, California (2014) and Uluru, Australia (2015).

Since then she’s been working on various projects and has started writing her second book.

Underpinning everything is a deep desire to utilise her skills and abilities to contribute to creating a world where there is less suffering, more kindness, more positivity and greater possibilities for us all to walk side-by-side towards a new earth reality in which we all thrive.

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