Sound Offerings

Maia Kshemya266

Maia works with the vibrational frequencies of sound, creating a unique alchemy experience through shamanic free-form vocals and potent sound alchemy instruments. Immersed in this therapeutic experience – in this meditative molecular magic – profound stillness soothes the mind and speaks to the heart as your cells are re-tuned and rejuvenated.
“I have honestly never experienced anything so powerful. I felt a pure source love that I have never felt with such intensity. There are no human words to explain just how amazing it was!” Robin Oliphant (after a sound immersion).

Sound Immersions

Profoundly relaxing and therapeutic. At the deepest cellular level the body can rest in the power of sound and sound’s capacity to still the mind, dissolve stress, uplift the spirit and bring us back into alignment with our natural core state of wellbeing.

Offerings of Sound Immersions may include:

    • The unique, ethereal hang ‘sound sculpture’
    • Therapeutic grade quartz crystal singing bowls
    • Native American Indian-style medicine drum
    • Alchemy crystal bowls
    • Tibetan singing bowls
    • Harmonic whirlies
    • Solfeggio Healing Pipes
    • Exquisite Koshi chimes
    • Freenotes ‘Wings’ metallophone

Sound Sessions

Immersions can be held on the Sunshine Coast at any suitable venue, workplace or event.

Individual, small group or large group sessions may be available, depending on location and what space you have. These prices are for one practitioner (two may be possible, ask for a quote).
Inquiries? … please contact Maia

Sound sessions for individuals
50 minutes $90
30 minutes $60
Sound sessions for 2 people
50 minutes $50 each
30 minutes $35 each
Sound sessions for 3 people
60 minutes $40 each
Sound sessions for 4 people
60 minutes $35 each
Sound sessions for 5-6 people
80 minutes $40 each


“Maia recently offered a sound immersion therapy for 70 carers at our Carers Wellbeing Day on the Sunshine Coast. Many of these carers were highly stressed from the constant demands and pressures of caring for a loved one. This session was a new experience for them and many were overwhelmed by the deep feelings of peace and relaxation they felt during the beautiful therapeutic music. The majority commented that they were initially unsure of what to expect but it had been the highlight of their day. One carer said he had tried many different techniques to achieve peace without success but that the power of the sounds reached him in a way he had never experienced before. Another comment was that it was most relaxed they had ever felt in their entire lives.

Maia went out of her way to ensure the session was well organised and I would highly recommend her to any other organisation that recognises the benefits of stress management to their clients or staff.”

Janine Dowdell – Carers Queensland – Sunshine Coast Region